Expert property management, tenant selection & investment collaboration

House Sitting

Away on business or vacation?  Let me handle your home's requirements while you're away.  I'll collect your mail, flyers and newspapers and tend to the lawns or snow and provide reports for your insurance company compliance.

Investment Collaboration

Hamilton is such a hot commodity right now! Everyone knows that real estate investing can bring great rewards. There are still risks. I help people who want into real estate but want to mitigate those risks as much as possible. What if you could start off small and still see big rewards? I have brought together several investment clients in various Joint Venture projects that have allowed each investor to get involved as little or as much as desired. 
What if there was one resource that could help you from the first step of understanding the city and buying a property (with or without partners) all the way through to selecting tenants for you and managing that property?
I am that resource! I can structure a deal that works for you!  


Property Management

Your bottom line is my biggest motivator.  I offer practical, hands-on real estate and business experience to my property management clients.  I began my career as a successful corporate sales representative in the highly competitive field of IT sales with GE Capital Technology for 12 years.  Through that experience, I acquired valuable business acumen.  Since I began investing in real estate, I have built a diverse portfolio of investment properties.  I have the experience and knowledge to help you manage your properties.

Tenant Selection

Find your new home -- with access to over 100 doors, I am your connection to the Hamilton rental market.  I manage everything from 1 and 2 bedroom apartments to single family homes on the east and west mountain as well as some great downtown locations.